The Beatles Multi-Track Meltdown

Episode #100 - Beatles Authors Part 1

December 12, 2018

The Beatles Multi-Track Meltdown features stripped down, deconstructed mixes of classic Beatles songs, live cuts, solo material, demos, and much more. By highlighting different instruments and vocals you will experience these songs in a way that you've never imagined. 

For the 100th episode of The Beatles Multi-Track Meltdown I decided to do things a bit differently and invited a few friends, who also happen to be esteemed Beatles authors, to pick two songs and tell me what it is that makes them do special. I've only had a guest on once before when my daughter Ella, a fantastic musician in her own right, co-hosted episode 71, the musical children of the Beatles. 

As many of you can expect once you begin talking to a fellow Beatle fan, especially one who has written books about the group, the discussions can get pretty deep. Therefore episode 100 ended up being nearly three hours long. So in order to preserve the full conversations with each author I've split what was supposed to be one episode into three. So sit back and enjoy some Beatles related conversations and the selections of Robert Rodriguez, Kit O’Toole, and Jerry Hammack.

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